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Bringing you additional value is what really matters to us. We work with companies that also believe in quality and the power of great technology to shape modern business.

We teach companies on use and application of blockchain technologies for the optimization of business processes


BTC Assessors is a group of interdisciplinary professionals who come from the financial, bioinformatics and computer engineering sector and offer cross-sectional services. After discovering Blockchain ecosystem in 2013 we started working to understand this technology. Thanks to our technical and market expertise, we have realized that blockchain will become the basis that will bring on the economic revolution 4.0. With this approach, we have been working and investigating this ecosystem with the aim of implementing its properties to change the way we interact with the world.

NEXO QA offers Professional QA Training


Nexo QA is a company with the objective of promoting Software Testing and Quality Engineering in the IT sector. To meet this objective Nexo QA offer professional training and organize events for professional testers.

EMINSETLAW is he law firm with an entrepreneurial mindset


EMINDSET LAW FIRM is born from an illusion, of being able to build a legal firm that provides exclusive support services and personalized legal advice to entrepreneurs, investors and influencers of reference. It has offices in Andorra and Barcelona, as well as being present in most countries around the world thanks to its extensive network of international partners. This allows us to offer our clients a high-quality and multidisciplinary service. It is a firm led by qualified professionals, not only for its legal knowledge, but also for their social skills and professional ethics, which are accompanied by technique, planning and speed to understand the problems of customers. They are people committed to the profession and who transmit passion and confidence.

We are delighted to work on our LEGAL strategy with the team of EMINDSETLAW because of their demonstrated professionalism and the fact that we are able to reach our objectives.
Jonh SmithACME
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SEOCOM is an award wining agency that helps their clients build their SEO strategy and optimise the online presence of their brand.


POSITIONING SEO/SEM Focused on positioning your website on the first 5 results in order to get the maximum returns of branding, conversions or sales. PAY PER CLICK ADVERTISEMENT Oriented on optimizing your investment in order to get you the maximum amount of conversions for the least amount of money. ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT Prevent, improve and fight the negative results of your products or brands, which appear on the search results. CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION Increase the percentage of visitors that convert into customers.

We are delighted to work on our SEO strategy with the team of SEOCOM because of their demonstrated professionalism and the fact that we are able to reach our objectives. The appropriateness of the planification of SEO to the particularities of our markets is remarkable.
Santiago RodriguezCustomer Experience Manager at Privalía
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