Software architecture

We turn complexity into simplicity

Our architects provide software architecture services in Barcelona to affect positively time-to-market by creating a working ecosystem, maintaining a global vision throughout all the phases of your project, using agile methodologies.

What is software architecture?

Software architecture represents a solid foundation for a product’s sustainability and maintains a global vision throughout the whole evolution of the project. It defines the structure of the project and increases the quality of certain characteristics, such as performance, manageability and security.

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How does software architecture affect development?

For us, software architecture is the blueprint of a project; a weak structure will lead to negative repercussions in the future, having strong impacts on the time-to-market and development costs. It keeps the system consistent and stable by setting priorities to the project.

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What do we do differently at Apiumtech?

We follow the concept of Domain Driven Design because according to our experience, it gives extraordinary results. DDD respects mathematics and engineering principles; increasing the software’s quality and the team’s productivity. Other than that, it’s an approach that is very close to the business language. Our key concepts

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Microservices
  • Docker
  • SOLID Principles
  • Incremental Architecture

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A good software architecture makes products cheaper to develop and maintain

Evolution of the architecture

If you already have a product, it doesn’t matter if it’s a mobile application, a software or a desktop; we can help you optimize your code as well as provide clear technical guidelines regarding your business needs.

Architecture audit

Performing an audit process will help you know your current code status as well as your product’s capability to grow. We also include a set of recommendations and best practices to your team.

Scalability testing

Is your product ready to grow without any incidents? This service is exclusively about that. What if your audience and product usage increased significantly? Would you be in the position of supporting that much traffic?

Source code quality metrics

There is a part of software architecture that studies a lot of metrics about the software in development. Some of those metrics are security, performance, scalability, reliability or regression of the solution. However, the most important metric is the cost of change.

Architecture documentation

“Must have” for big teams. It helps reduce the learning curve when new developers join the project.

We create working ecosystems that allow teams to have a scalable, predictable and cheaper production. This is commonly called “deterministic control system”.- Christian Ciceri, Software Architect @apiumtech