IT consulting & training

Increase the productivity of your team and reduce development costs

Our core strength is a combination of leading software experts in Barcelona, years of experience in different companies, an understanding of business challenges and the use of latest methodologies.

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IT consulting services

Our IT consultants provide solutions to your team in

  • Software Architecture
  • Platform Scalability
  • Development Process Automation
  • Performance (efficiency, resiliency, stability)
  • Due Diligence preparation
  • Development speed improvement

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IT consulting & training

IT training

We provide workshops, courses and pair programming to your team

  • Agile methodology, Scrum, Kanban
  • TDD, BDD and Continuous Integration
  • DDD, SOA, Microservices
  • Programming best practices, refactoring
  • Legacy code agile evolution

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Do it agile

Every team has its own approach to being agile. The advantages are always the same: transparency, visibility, adaptability, low risk of failure, incremental functionality, well-defined scope and faster ROI.

IT consulting & training

Make it scalable

Scalability of the platform is not only based on its infrastructure, the internal code architecture also plays a huge role. That is why our team of IT consultants recommend orienting it to Domain Driven Design, exposing microservices.

IT consulting & training

Automate it

Repetitive tasks that are manually performed is a waste of time. They all need to be automated. The environment construction, deployment, test running and code analysis should be executed in a very easy and fast way in order to obtain rapid feedback and accelerate product time to market.

IT consulting & training

Monitor it

The most common transactions need to be monitored and analyzed in order to find possible bottlenecks. Improve performance of the process and achieve efficiency, resilience and stability.

We understand how technology impacts the industry and business models, we come up with effective solutions and we know how to make your team productive.- Sergi Fernández Cristià, Technical Lead @apiumtech