Rareconnect case study

A world wide social network for people experiencing rare diseases.

Web development User experience design


PHP, Symphony 1


Rareconnect came to us with a project in the format of legacy code, done with the technology Symfony 1. They needed to update their platform to a newer version and connect it to new features added within their community such as an AnswerHub site. As the project had passed by various development teams, it made it more difficult to manage, especially when it came to the deployment part. We made the deploy system much better than it was by integrating a technology that is one of the most demanded and one of the most promising in the world of DevOps; Docker. The code of the project had almost 10 years, which made it more challenging. We also added new functionalities and fixed some old ones that were giving us trouble.

User experience design challenges

The goals were, on the one hand to provide the community with tools that would enhance their experience and increase the community feeling, and on the other hand, to refresh the corporative image. We redesigned the logo, created a brand book and social media images. We also completed the site design for the new web feature called “Topics and Groups” that is based on the AnswerHub functionality that allows users to ask questions and get answers from people all over the world. Finally, we redesigned the Homepage to have a modern look and fresh feel, giving support to all the user roles that they cover (volunteers, doctors, patients, etc.) and in different languages.

We have had the pleasure to work with Apium for a while now and we are very satisfied with their services and expertise, ranging from UX design, technical development and Agile/Scrum. They have a very professional and collaborative approach which makes easy and pleasant to accomplish even the most complex tasks or projects. We have managed to build a strong and trusted relationship and we look forward to keep working with them.- Laura Amorini - Web Technology Manager at Rareconnect