Typeform case study

A mobile and web application used to create friendly forms.

Web development Software architecture IT training


PHP, Symfony, Docker, Vagrant, __ReactJS__, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Twig, MySQL


The growth of Typeform was very quick. This means that some aspects as the architecture, infrastructure, code quality and the selection of technologies had been neglected. We had to improve all the aspects mentioned without affecting the speed of production. To do that, we taught the team good practices when it comes to programming as defined in the architecture that we wanted to reach. We also explained to them how to work with an existing code and how to transforming it into something better and more scalable. On the other hand, we implemented a system of continuous integration and dockerization of the platform to be able to support different technologies that were being dragged from the early stages. We also collaborated with them when it came to the technical strategy and helped them in agile methodologies as well as giving the team advice about the architectural solution.