Cavee case study

A platform that provides a simple learning system to universities, consultants and companies who can then grant access to their employees or students.

web development user experience design it training


PHP, AngularJs, RequireJs, Bootstrap, Scala, Play, Oracle


Cavee is the perfect example of a project done with legacy code. We transformed a procedural PHP application with so many spaghetti code that we could have fed all of Italy. We did the refactoring of the application by putting all the functionalities under unit testing, integration and functional testing, until we reached an almost complete and flawless migration towards DDD. This has made it possible to increase the implementation of new functionalities, it has enabled to create verticalization of the product in a record time and to become one of the most stable LMS between competitors.


Cavee wanted to offer a fresh design that would be customer centered and that is why we started with a radical change in UX & UI design. We designed a complete learning management system. We did 2 versions of this product; one for schools (oriented to traditional education system) and one for businesses (social and engagement platform for learning “elite”). This product is mostly oriented for big companies that want to offer their employees a learning platform to improve their skills. We did a hand sketch of first design solutions, we used low fidelity wireframes, we worked on the final art design, mockups with interactions and rapid prototypes showing concrete features and behaviors.

We have been working with Apiumtech for a few years now and we have always had a good relationship with their team on a professional and personal level. They have high tech skills and very valuable knowledge and expertise on most of the software areas. Through their practices, we were able to make our platform scalable and improve our time to market.- Eric Cobos - CTO at Cavee