Eventeye is an application that helps organizers of an event manage information and deliver a better experience to their attendees via various features.

They came to us with a prototype of their application on iOS that they wanted to refine. They had already detected navigability problems that needed to be solved and they also needed to launch an Android version as soon as possible.

We started by working on the different navigation processes and on the potential user contexts. After that, we checked the architecture of the information and ensured that the text and menus were sufficiently self-descriptive. Once that the navigation processes were clear, we were able to propose two prototypes of different colors. In this phase, we had to do some iterations a few times until we reached the desired design line.

Finally, we fully addressed each and every screen of the application on both iOS as Android, respecting the usage patterns of each of the operating systems.

All deliveries were made on time and were properly documented. It’s a project of which Apiumtech keeps great memories because there was a high level of collaboration with other international designers as well as the CEO of the company, Fredrik.